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How IP-BLiS is working to solve problems

TODAY: Building Technologies in Silos

There are many connected devices in Smart Buildings, but applications remain in silos, each with their own proprietary solutions.


TREND: Convergence of Building Systems with IT

Lighting control and building management systems with IT convergence into a secure all-IP-based configuration.


TREND: Facilitates IoT for Commercial Buildings

Breaking down these barriers by making data of the various building automation application protocols accessible via an IP address (instead of an application protocol specific address).


Problem: Isolated Building-automation Domains and Networks

Each domain requires a gateway (GW) to translate proprietary protocols into IP. The building
administrator has limited control over individual devices in each domain, and provisioning is complex.


Problem: Why Convergence on the Application Layer Doesn’t (Always) Work

One shared gateway (GW) to translate protocol into IP. 
GW needs to be managed and trusted by all verticals simultaneously.


Solution: Common IP-based infrastructure

Building administrators gain streamlined control over application domains, with real-time monitoring of the shared common network, simpler provisioning, and the possibility to extend this to multiple buildings through the cloud.

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